Sprott Accounting Students’ Association takes great pride in making our Tax Clinic 2021 experience simple for our clients.


You would require the following to book an appointment with one of our tax volunteers

  • A SIN or ITN number, (the same for your dependent if applicable)

  • A government-issued ID

  • Your most recent notice of assessment


Location details based on COVID-19 will come in March


Once your appointment is booked, you would require the following documents when you are attended to. Please note that it is your responsibility to provide us with all applicable documents.

  • T4 {from your employer(s)}

  • T4A {For any scholarships}

  • T2202 {any tuition expense for the year}

  • T5 {from your Bank(s)}

  • T4RSP {for any contributions made to your RRSP}

  •  Slips for any and all of the following expenses:

    • Rent

    • Medical

    • Child care


Please contact us for further assistance


**Unfortunately we will not be able to serve clients with the following specifications** 

  • Contractors, Self-employed (Example; Operating an Uber, running an Etsy store )

  • If you have total income over $xx,000

  • If you have Interest Income over$xx,000

  • Rental/Property Income

Please complete the following form to get in touch with the Tax Clinic coordinator:

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